30 Inch Range Hood Reviews!

30 Inch Range Hood Reviews

Why Have Range Hoods Become Necessary?

Range Hoods have become a necessary part of any kitchen, be it an apartment or condo or a spacious house. It’s not just for the looks but also has become a health necessity. Inhalation of smoke, especially during heaving frying and cooking can become a major health problem. 

Gases including Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxide (NO2) from burning gases are harmful and breathing in huge amounts of it can cause some serious respiratory diseases in the long run and an exhaust fan solves the problem. 

A Range Hood not only acts as an exhaust fan but also gives additional features such as bright LED lights for cooking, Easy filtering of greases, easy to clean parts and can be installed according to your needs. 

Apart from contributing to health, Range Hoods also make sure that the odour doesn’t linger around when and after cooking. Range Hoods have become a Necessity for households and here I have mentioned some of the best and famous 30 inch Range Hoods. 


Cosmo 5MU36 Under-Cabinet Range Hood Cosmo 5MU36 Under-Cabinet Range Hood
  • Low Noise
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy To Operate
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Cosmo QS75 Under Cabinet Range Hood Cosmo QS75 Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • Powerful Exhaust
  • High Quality
  • Premium Look
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Broan-NuTone PM390SSP Custom Range Hood Broan-NuTone PM390SSP Custom Range Hood
  • Stainless Steel Build
  • Bright LEDs
  • Warranty Ensured
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FOTILE JQG7522 Range Hood FOTILE JQG7522 Range Hood
  • Unique Design
  • Easy To Install
  • Incredibly Quiet
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VESTA Under Cabinet Range Hood VESTA Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • Affordable Price
  • Baffle Filters
  • Mechanical Buttons
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Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • Powerful Suction
  • Energy Efficient
  • Modern Look
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Hauslane Chef Series C395 Range Hood Hauslane Chef Series C395 Range Hood
  • Easy To Handle
  • Light Weight
  • Slim & Sleek Design
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Cosmo 63175 Wall Mount Range Hood Cosmo 63175 Wall Mount Range Hood
  • Excellent Design
  • Powerful Exhaust 
  • Warranty Ensured
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Cosmo 5U30  Under Cabinet Range Hood Cosmo 5U30 Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • Effective Lightening
  • Elegant Design
  • Enhanced Ventilation
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Cosmo COS-668AS750 Range Hood Cosmo COS-668AS750 Range Hood
  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable
  • Outstanding Suction Ability
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I have elaborately discussed the best 30 Inch Range Hood Reviews below! You can choose any one of the following products: 


One of the most impressive things about this range hood is its powerful fan with a CFM of 860and 6 speed setting, one of the most powerful fans in the market right now. This has helped me in all cooking situations, whether it be a light or heavy cooking like frying. 

Its sleek touch experience on the control panel is very impressive and easy to operate. This makes it easy to clean the panel with a single wipe so now no need to struggle with cleaning around the buttons! This elegant control panel will suit especially if you have a modular kitchen. 

The best thing I felt about this 30” range hood is it’s stainless steel baffle filters. Remove the filters, put it in the dishwasher and boom! It’s clean as a slate. Cleaning grease off the filers has become an easy job with this one. Another remarkable feature of this range hood is it’s LED lamps, it’s bright enough for cooking and also claims to save energy!

Hauslane’s Chef series PS18 30” range hood is an excellent option if you’re looking for a range hood around 300 dollars, can even say worth the money. The customer reviews are excellent and it comes with a 2-year warranty! What more does a home kitchen need from a range hood?


Cosmo QS75 is a 30 inch ducted (convertible to ductless) under cabinet stainless steel range hood that takes on the whole market range hoods with its remarkable features, especially the exhaust fan.

The QS75 Range hood takes up the exhaust fan game to a whole new level with 900 CFM. It is very powerful and it’s not much loud too! With a 4 speed motor this range hood does not leave any kind of odour to linger around the kitchen.

Made of premium grade stainless steel QS75 range hood is very attractive due to its commercial pro-design. Along with its style, it is also convertible from ducted to ductless which makes it easier for homes.

Many Range hoods have a touch panel in it but only a very few come along with remote control and the QS75 30” range hood is one of them. To say in simple words, cooking is made easy and simple with this feature. The remote control comes in handy on several occasions.

Cosmo QS75 30 inch range hood is reasonably priced with an extraordinary exhaust fan. Coming with remote control and a 5-year warranty this 30 inch under cabinet range hood recommended for all levels of cooking at home.


The so tough to pronounce Broan-NuTone PM390SSP is a custom 30 inch Range Hood made completely out of stainless steel like all other top range hoods but with a CFM of only 390 can the product compete with other range hoods?

With a CFM of only 390, the PM390SSP has underplayed its fan game compared to other range hoods which have a CFM of at least 700 and this product is also priced just short of 300 dollars which makes it question our choices.

The bright heat-resistant LED lights shine well in this underplayed custom range hood. Bright enough to accompany while you cook yet not releasing that much of heat even though being an LED? I would it’s pretty great for a range hood. The LED lights are also backed up with a 3-year warranty.

Broan-NuTone’s PM390SSP is slightly overpriced with not enough features to accompany the price in Range Hood market. Being an avid user of Range Hoods I wouldn’t recommend you to buy this range hood, at least at this price. Broan-NuTone has to come up with something better other than tough names.

The FOTILE JQG7522 has a unique side-draft design for under cabinet or wall mount along with a dual-centrifuge fan system which has strong and fast suction. With an elegant design and power-packed features can we say its worth the money?

Unlike many other Range Hoods in this range which have only one option, mostly being Under Cabinet, The JQG7522 range hood gives us an option to install both as an under-cabinet or a mounted chimney style Range Hood. This ensures that this Range Hood will suit any kind of kitchen Design.

This FOTILE Range Hood comes along with a Dual-Centrifuge fan system with strong and fast suction, suits heavy cooking especially. Even though it has a strong and powerful fan it is remarkably quiet with noise around only 54dB. Quiet enough for you to have an exciting conversation.

The Range Hood can be installed easily with the help of manual provided, FOTILE can also help you with the installation (charges extra of course) having an excellent customer service. It also comes along with a 5 year limited warranty, first 2 years covering labour & parts and 3rd to 5th year covering only parts.

FOTILE’s JQG7522 Range Hood is perfect and worth every penny you spend if you’re a fan of cooking. Its unique design allows it to suit any kitchen style and its incredible special features justify its price.

VESTA’s 30 inch Range Hood is an incredibly priced stainless steel under-cabinet Range Hood with a powerful fan coming with two options, 700 CFM or 860 CFM, and once again all under around 230 USD -330 USD.

This is the first highlight, the price is incredibly affordable and this Range Hood should be the first option in your list if you are under a budget. A lifetime warranty for motors and one year warranty for parts makes you wish that you had bought this one.

The first thought that would arise is whether the fan suction speed and strength has been compensated for the price? I would say no! The powerful 700 CFM fan (also available with 860 CFM) makes sure that the suction is great and there’s no odour. The fan is quiet for its powerful nature with only 65dB noise.

The stainless steel baffle filters are easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. The filters are so smooth that it can be cleaned with a wet cloth too. The grease stains are easily removable and thus a clean Range Hood.

VESTA 30 inch Range Hood is incredibly cheap has a powerful fan with a long time warranty, what more do you need? Just remember, if you’re under a budget keep this as your first option and you shall not regret!!

Cosmo 5MU30 is yet another incredibly cheap 30-inch under-cabinet range hood with a slim design but a comparatively less powerful fan.

The slim space-saving design of this 30 inch Range Hood is suitable especially for condos and apartments. As it can be both ducted and ductless it can suit your kitchen and can be installed under-cabinet or on the wall as per our convenience. 

The durable and reusable multi-layer aluminium mesh filters trap oil and grease effectively. You can also buy a charcoal filter (charged additionally) to increase the effectiveness of the filter. The mesh filters can be tougher to clean at times.

Maybe due to it’s a cheaper price, the CFM is low compared to other 30 inch Range Hoods in the market but the 200 CFM is powerful and is even quite satisfactory. As previously mentioned this will be suitable for apartments. It does not make much noise to having only 56dB of noise level.

Cosmo 5MU30 Range Hood is perfect for small spaces. Has a decent fan and a great filter. This is one of the cheapest 30 inch Range Hoods in the market right now and does not hesitate to buy one for your condo.

The Hauslane Chef C395 is an under cabinet range hood made completely of stainless steel with a self-cleaning system, a three-way vent option and a luminous lamp The Chef C395 has an exhaust fan of CFM 750 having dual motors. It has a 6-speed setting starting at 3 by default and can be changed to higher or lower speeds according to our needs. 

Even though the range hood has 750 CFM it doesn’t make much of a noise. The range hood comes with an internal water self-cleaning system which significantly extends the life of the motors and it’s efficiency. 

Combining the self-cleaning system with the stainless steel build ensures that the range hood will be durable and last for a longer period. The under-cabinet also features easy to clean grease containers and once again the stainless steel finish blends it with other kitchen appliances.

The Chef Rangehood also has a simple to use control panel with buttons which I find it to be handy. The panel along with fan’s speed settings also has controls for the self-clean function and the incandescent lights.

Hauslane’s Chef Series C395 30 inch Range Hood is a powerful one with top-notch specifications. Apart from the installation part which you may find difficult, C395 is an adequately priced amazing Range Hood.

Cosmo 63175 is a 30-inch wall mount Range Hood which can be converted from Ducted to Ductless and also has a premium design but that is not even the best part, the best part is its price.

The Cosmo 63175 Range Hood has, what they refer to as ‘Modern European Design”. It looks great and feels great adding an elegant atmosphere to the kitchen. The 30-inch size makes it much more comfortable.

Along with its design, the powerful exhaust fan with 760 CFM makes sure that odours do not linger around. The noise level is also said to be less according to the manufacturer with 65dB but there have been some discrepancies regarding that from the side of customers.

The Range Hood can be converted into a ductless type (Purchase of charcoal fibre kit additionally is required) according to our needs.

Yet another cheaply priced 30 inch Range Hood with a premium design. Cosmo 63175 joins the cheap yet good list of Range Hoods, the only thing you must be aware is its huge size and fan noise at maximum speed.

Yet another Cosmo Range Hood, seems like the list belongs to them. Cosmo 5U30 is a 30-inch convertible Under-Cabinet range Hood at an incredibly cheap price which is almost similar to the Cosmo 5MU30 we saw before.

Similar to the 5MU30, the Cosmo 5U30 also has a slim and slender design which is suitable for confined kitchen spaces, especially small apartments. It can also be used Ductless with the carbon filter kit which makes it much more convenient.

The 5U30 Range Hood is incredibly cheap, less than 100 USD which makes it a great purchase and may be due to its price that the exhaust fan has only a CFM of 250 which is below par in the market of Range Hoods.

Similar to 5MU30, the Cosmo 5U30 Range Hood also has Multi-layered superior filters which makes it easy to trap oil & grease and with the help of Carbon filter, if you convert to ductless type, it becomes much easier.

Cosmo has been remarkable in the cheap price range and 5U30 30 inch Range Hood is no exception. Priced well under 100 USD there may be some fewer features compared to other premium Range hoods but it is worth more the money we spend on it

Yep, you guessed it right. Another incredibly priced Cosmo Range Hood and I never get tired of reviewing them. Cosmo COS-668AS750 is a 30 inch Wall Mount Ductless Range Hood which can be converted to Ducted.

Cosmo COS-668AS750 has a Modern European Design which looks elegant and elevates the kitchen’s look and atmosphere, most suitable to modular kitchen styles as it takes quite some space. The stainless steel build not only looks premium but is easy to clean too.

The Cosmo COS-668AS750 also comes with a Hi-Tech LCD touch panel which helps to manage multiple functions including 3 speeds and LED light.  The Cosmo COS Range Hood has a 3 speed 350 CFM fan which is great for its price range. 

It’s powerful and does the job well and good but can get a little noisy on certain occasions at maximum speed The 30 inch Range Hood comes up with a stainless steel dishwasher safe filters. They are claimed to be of permanent, which means that they need not be replaced in future.

I find it incredible due to its ability to trap grease and oil effectively and being easy to clean. The Cosmo COS-668AS750 30 inch wall mount range hood joins the cheaply priced yet works the great line of Cosmo.

Having almost no cons this 30-inch range hood is a great option under the budget and all other options are also going to be Cosmo Range Hoods without a doubt.

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30 Inch Range Hood Reviews!

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