Best Bulb For A Range Hood

Best Bulb For A Range Hood

One of my favourite benefits of having the best range hood installed is the extra lighting it provides which makes the cooking process a lot easier. The bulb installed in the range hood not only allows you to check whether the food is being undercooked or overcooked. You will find useful information about the best bulb for a range hood in this article!

The market offers a wide range of bulbs and hence it becomes important to understand which one suits the best for your range hood model. So, here’s everything you need to know about range bulbs and lighting. But it also makes the cleaning process easier as it enables you to see all the dirt and grease in hard to view areas.

Types Of Bulbs Inside A Range Hood

The different types of Bulbs which are used in a Range Hood can be discussed under the following heads:

Best Bulb For A Rang

Incandescent Bulbs

These are the most classic form of bulbs that you may find on the most classic range hoods. These bulbs have a tungsten filament inside and are mostly covered with a thin glass covering. I, having installed so many range hoods in clients’ houses have seen the change the age of incandescent bulbs, for they were the first generation of bulbs which came with range hoods.

The working of an incandescent bulb is quite simple, the electric current heats the filament which produces light. The incandescent bulb usually has a stem or glass mount at the base to prevent air leaks. The stem is embedded with small wires to support the filament. Vacuum or inert gases inside the glass case prevents the filament from evaporating.

Incandescent bulbs heat a lot due to the high heat of the filament, with the betterment of technology both clients and firms have shifted to new generation bulbs such as halogen or LED. There have been many reasons for the same such as:

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  • The considerable amount of energy that is wasted, given that only 10 per cent is used for lighting and rest 90 per cent is lost as heat.
  • Adding to that, they produce a considerable amount of infrared and ultraviolet radiations that may be damaging to fabrics and artworks in the long run.
  • Incandescent bulbs produce a yellow light and are designed to last for about 1200 hours.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are made on the same design as the incandescent bulbs, but with a minor difference which distinguishes the two. The halogen bulb, just like the incandescent bulb contains a tungsten filament along with halogen gas, which deposits the tungsten vapour back on the filament, unlike the incandescent bulb which deposits the vapour on the inside of the glass bulb envelope. This not only increases the lifespan of the bulb but also ensure that the bulb can operate at a higher temperature which increases the bulb output.


Also, as compared to the incandescent bulb, the halogen bulb uses quartz covering instead of the glass covering which enhances the ability to work at higher temperatures. Halogen bulbs just like incandescent bulbs heat a lot and can cause burns if touched at a high temperature, these bulbs have shown a compromise on working when exposed to cool temperatures. Since halogen bulbs operate at a higher temperature than incandescent bulbs, they have higher colour temperatures and produce brighter lights.

LED Bulbs

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are a marvel of science and technology in the lighting field, it is the first preference of both clients and firms because of its long-lasting and superbly energy-efficient technology. LEDs have endless applications possible while considering it for the lighting; be it under-cabinet, landscape, home, industrial or commercial.

LEDs have a higher shelf life than both incandescent and halogen bulbs because they can operate without warming up/heating which also ensures stat they can perform in cold temperatures. In comparison to the 2 other types of bulbs, LEDs produce little or no radiation that may harm fabrics or artworks.

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They have the highest shelf life, 42 times longer than an incandescent bulb and 13 times longer than a halogen bulb, they can last up to 50,000 hours. Power consumption is very less as compared to the other two, as no power is lost in the form of heating.

It is 80 per cent more energy-efficient as compared to an incandescent bulb and 75 per cent more as compared to a halogen bulb. LEDs are priced higher as compared to the other two but offer higher returns over time. Also, LEDs are shockproof given that they contain no brittle filaments.

They contain no mercury or toxins, making them child-friendly products. They are available in several whites and colours; LEDs are the perfect choice when choosing a low power consumption lighting option.

LEDs have become the first choice of mothers in the kitchen, for they don’t need to worry about their child touching the heated lighting source. LEDs are a modern solution to modern problems

Best Bulb For A Range Hood

Range Hood Bulb Replacement Process

Here’s a step by step guide which will help you in replacing the old bulb with the new one easily and in no time:

Procedure Of Removing Covered Fixtures Of A Range Hood

This step is to be followed only if your range hood has a covered fixture. It is important to remove the plastic cover first. After that, you can just hold the bulb and twist it down to remove it. Remember to take it down slowly and patiently with the least pressure so that the glass does not break.

If your range hood comes under the model which comes with starters, then you can easily remove it by turning it in the anti-clockwise direction and replace the starter with the type you wish to choose for your range hood.

Procedure To Take Out The Bulb From The Range Hood

The first step in the replacement process is the removal of the old bulb First, you must ensure that vent of the range hood is off and the power supply is disconnected. This is a very important step as it ensures the safety of the electrical appliance and prevents any electrical mishap.

This is followed by the creation of a loop using a masking tape (also known as painter’s tape). Ensure that the loop or the circle is formed in such a way that the sticky sides must face outwards.

Now, a handle must be created for easy grasping. For that, stick the tape to the lens of your range hood, tweaking its opposite sides together. Turning it clockwise, gently push up the tape on the range hood. Since the glass is delicate, please ensure that you do not apply too much force on the lamp.

Installation Of The New Lamp/Bulb

Purchase the type of bulb that fits best your range hood. When it comes to buying a bulb, you have two options, either you can get it from an online store or your nearby hardware store. Gently insert the lamp into the socket of the range hood.


Twist and turn it in the upward direction to do so. Now, place the circular tape on the lamp and further follow the steps followed for removal of the lamp. To ensure that the lamp is fixed properly, turn the lamp counterclockwise so that it tightens and gets fixed perfectly.


It is observed that with passing time more and more people are shifting to Led lighting for range hood solutions. This is because, during the process of cooking, the air temperature below the range hood is approximately 75-80 degrees Celsius.

Led bulbs are designed in such a way that they can easily adapt to such ambient. They can use as much as 80% less energy in comparison to halogen bulbs and hence longer life.

However, it can be noted that led bulbs are more expensive as compared to Halogen bulbs but then they make up for the cost by saving energy for over some time and by preventing frequent replacement of the lamp.

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Best Bulb For A Range Hood

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