5 Kobe Range Hood Reviews

Kobe Range Hood Reviews

Irrespective of the fact that KOBE (estd. 1998) is a comparatively young company in the market; it is continuously proving its mettle by being a worthy competitor. KOBE Range Hoods, an Arcadia, California based subsidiary company has its roots from Japan-based Tosho & Company, Ltd which has made its name by selling A-grade products throughout the world for almost 5 decades.

KOBE ventilation systems are growing at a rapid pace by providing quality, as well as a satisfaction to its customers in terms of its remarkable ‘QuietMode’ feature. This feature allows you to enjoy cooking without the pertaining irritating noise of the fan while maintaining the desired suction power.

Striving to continuously meet its expectations, KOBE Range Hoods series comes with an ECO Mode function which clears out oil, smoke and odours periodically. The smart ECO mode eliminates the hassle to run it continuously thereby reducing the energy usage.

KOBE Range Hoods are known for making a variety of range hoods such as Under-Cabinet, Wall-Mount, Island, and Built-In/Insert and providing these superior-quality ventilation products throughout the USA and Canada. 

This comes with years of innovation and improvement using pioneering technology at an economical price for the customers. In today’s product review, we are going to focus at especially under the cabinet Kobe Range Hood Reviews Series.

KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia
  • Durable
  • Good Quality
  • Low-Profile
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KOBE RA3836SQB-5 Deluxe KOBE RA3836SQB-5 Deluxe
  • Value For Money
  • Elegant Design
  • Durable
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KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia
  • Ductless
  • Air Recirculation
  • Sleek Design
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KOBE INX2730SQB- 700-2 Brillia KOBE INX2730SQB- 700-2 Brillia
  • Light-Weight
  • Baffle Filters
  • Budget Friendly
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KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 Brillia KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 Brillia
  • Sturdy Build
  • Baffle Filters
  • Easy To Clean
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You will find the 5 best range hoods from Kobe Under the sequence of Kobe Range Hood Reviews! You can choose any one of the following products:


The RAX2136SQB-1 comes in 3 size variants basically 30″,36″
and 42″ and is ducted under the cabinet Range Hood. There is a 3-speed mechanical push button with 1.0 Sone on Quiet Mode with a maximum suction rating of 750 CFM.It is durable

Made of commercial-grade steel and with one of the
slimmest under cabinet range hoods, it fits approximately
7′ to 8-1/2 ceiling height.

This model under the KOBE Range Hood series has a baffle
filters which are dishwasher-safe and are effective in capturing
grease and oil. Compared to the traditional aluminium filters, 
they are expensive but taking longevity into account they
are worth it.


Stainless steel filters make it easier to reuse it again and again as they are dishwasher-safe, unlike their aluminium counterparts which create a lot of hassle as they have to be replaced again and again. 

Having a stainless steel overhaul makes it easier to clean with bleach or soap and water. Just take a damp cloth and wipe it, what else do you need!!!


According to customer reviews, owners have faced a problem with the installation process and wished if the wall mounting and the cabinet mounting could have been a bit more robust. 

But as far as the size is concerned, the dimensions were adequate and the Range Hood isn’t too big or bulky. The only drawback is that it is noisy at the highest mode but that is to be expected. 

Overall, it is a complete package from seamless design to powerful suction capacity to reusable filters that you get at an affordable price with just a tad-bit hassle in the installation process. This model has 2 years warranty on parts and 1-year labour warranty.


Model RA3836SQB-5 Deluxe under the cabinet KOBE Range Hood series comes under 2 sizes only i.e. 30″ and 36″ handcrafted with durable 18-gauge commercial grade stainless steel basically making it rust and corrosion-free and easy to clean. 

This model too comes with a 3-speed mechanical push button but the suction rating at the maximum power differs slightly for the two variants. The 30-inch variant comes with the suction of 680 CFM at maximum power. 

On the other hand the 36-inch variant comes with a suction rating of 700 CFM at maximum power. The model comes with 2 led lights(3W each) installed which provides a decent look and is ducted under the cabinet range hood.


Having a stainless steel body makes it comparatively easier to clean with no unnecessary hassle of taking any peculiar precautions. Have dishwasher-safe baffle filters which makes it reusable and hence cost-effective since no additional cost incurred in buying the traditional filters periodically.


There were not many problems faced while installing it. The curve over the edges of the model makes the movement of the cabinet doors unrestricted.


Overall, the KOBE RA3836SQB-5 Deluxe is a proper crafted
together Range Hood with a slim design in the market with a
comparatively affordable price. This model comes with a 2year parts and 1year labour warranty.

The KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia comes in 2 size variants,
one in 30″ and other in 36″.It is ductless under the cabinet
Range Hood. This model comes with a suction rating of 400 CFM at maximum power

It also consists of a 3-speed mechanical push button. At the QuietMode setting it generates a sound of 1.2 Sone (48 dB) which is comparable to sound in a library. 

The body of the range hood is made with an 18-gauge commercial grade stainless steel which gives it durability.


Being a ductless hood you will not have to sacrifice cupboard space for the air duct. The carbon filtersare important for such range hoods and need to be replaced regularly as they don’t last long. 

The dishwasher-safe baffle filters are easy to clean and trap grease effectively. It has a stainless-steel body which makes it easier to clean. It fits at a 7-12′ to 9-1/2’ceiling height.


The KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia Range Hood is fairly easy to install as there is no need for any ductwork. Being very sleek and compact many users said that it took a maximum of 1hour to completely install the setup.


Despite being a ductless range hood the KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia has a comparatively powerful suction rating. It utilizes both baffle filters as well as charcoal filters which makes extreme air filtering. Admittedly it is quite expensive!!

The KOBE INX2730SQB- 700-2 Brillia comes in a 30″ single variant. Compared to the other models it is a built-in/insert range hood. It has a very durable and rigid structure built up of 20-gauge commercial grade stainless steel. 

Equipped with a 3-speed mechanical push button makes generates a sound of 1.0 Sone on QuietMode. The KOBE INX2730SQB- 700-2 Brillia boasts a suction rating of 550 CFM at maximum power. 

The highest fan speed is mostly like a jet-liner and very strong ventilation whereas the medium fan setting is like most low-end high speeds and typical for most cooking. It is designed smartly to fit at the bottom of the cabinet without a liner which makes it quite easy to fit.


The KOBE INX2730SQB- 700-2 Brillia has baffle filters which are dishwasher-free and easy to clean makes these filters reusable therefore you won’t have to put any extra load on your pockets by buying the traditional filters again and again.

The stainless steel body proves to be very effective in preventing the range hood from corroding away from rust and comparatively easier to clean the oil spots.


It’s very easy to install the range hood with minimal assistance due to its small and compact size. You could easily vent to the roof or the sidewall. If in case you hear any rattling sound, its the washable fan grills that need to be tweaked a little bit.


It’s not a bad deal, to begin with as a mid-range product the KOBE INX2730SQB- 700-2 Brillia provides a non-bulky, durable, a seamless and multi-functional panel in this price range.

Beginning with, the KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 Brillia comes in 2 size
variants mainly 30″ and 36″ made up of a bulky stainless steel
body. The hand-crafted seamless curves give it a stylish appearance that will complement the kitchen beautifully. 

QuietMode which generates a very low sound of 1 sone(approx. 40 deciBel) can be activated through the 3-speed mechanical push button.  The Range Hood has a suction capacity of 680 CFM at the maximum power which is quite impressive. 

Just as every other KOBE Range Hood product this model is too equipped with the hassle-free baffle- filters which are easy to maintain.


The key piece of any range hood is its suction power but more importantly its filter. Equipped with dishwasher-free baffle filters it is very easy to clean as you don’t have to find any peculiar solution or method to clean them. 

Just wipe them with bleach or soap solution and viola they are good as new.  Another good thing about the KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 Brillia is that you don’t have to go to the extent of disassembling the product completely to clean it.


Its special design makes it fast and easy to for installing that’s what the product claims but the users have admittedly agreed that we have to drill holes for installation in preset locations. Its quite a hassle as one person has to hold the range hood while the other finds a perfect spot to drill.


The KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 Brillia provides a strong suction capacity but the lousy installation manual as well as to preset holes to put screws in it makes it comparatively difficult to install the range hood. 

The bulky body for such a price range is also not something which will appeal to the user.

Conclusion: Best Kobe Range Hoods For You!

Buying Guide For Kobe Range Hoods!

There are a variety of factors you should focus upon before choosing any range hood! These can be discussed under the following heads:

SUCTION CAPACITY: After going through the above-mentioned products one thing is clear that the suction capacity of the KOBE range hood series is quite strong ranging from 400- 750 CFM on an average. 

Its gonna suck out your roasting chicken on the stove!!! You don’t have to worry about constantly coughing or teary eyes from the smoke anymore whether you are smoking that delicious beef or cooking a deep-fried patty for your burger.

The fan speed setting at the QuietMode produces on an average of 1.0 sone(i.e 40 decibels) and still provides a good suction capacity which is impressive as you don’t have to speak very loudly to overcome the fan’s noise!!!

FILTERING OUTPUT: One of the best things about all the five models is that they are pre-installed with the baffle filters and not the typical aluminium filters that you find nearly in every other range hood in the market. 

The baffle filters being dishwasher free makes it effortlessly easier for cleansing them with normal soap and water and not put any unnecessary effort in buying any unique cleaning products. 

The only exception was with the ductless model in the KOBE range hood series i.e. KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia which comes with the charcoal filters that come pre-installed with the baffle filters.

Because unlike ducted range hoods, which vent air outside a ductless range hood consists of a blower with a charcoal filter that is effective in trapping the strong odour, heat as well smokes making the recirculated air cleaner and fresher.

SIZES AVAILABLE: Talking about the size is one of the most important factors before a customer decides to buy a range hood. Most of the Kobe Range Hood series comes in majorly 2 sizes that are the 30″ and the 36″. 

Some exceptions wherein 30″ is the most common size that a user prefers. Having a compact model with output as nearly as a bigger model is pretty impressive, to begin with.

BUILD  QUALITY: KOBE range hood series provides a superb built quality as they are made up of mostly 18 -gauge commercial grade stainless steel. This, in turn, provides sturdiness and durability of the range hood which is what most new buyer seeks in a product.

PRICING: Coming to another important parameter of a good product is being economical and justified pricing on the product. 

The KOBE range hood series is slightly overpriced for the features that it provides in its products.  

Even the ductless model of the KOBE range hood series is very high priced wherein normally these models are cheaper. 

INSTALLATION: We are discussing this in the last as among all the above mention pros it may be a big con from a user’s perspective. A user wants a product that is easy to install and use and not go through all the unnecessary hassles that will waste his precious time.  

The KOBE range hoods series does not come with user-friendly installation equipment in the models, wherein most of the users have to manually drill holes in the range hood and change their cabinet to a great extent. 

The user installation manual is very lousy and its very time consuming to install these range hoods under the cabinet. It is not worth the price that a person is paying for the product.


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5 Kobe Range Hood Reviews

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